Destrucció material confidencial Llorens

Destroy documents legal, rates, customer and supplier lists, accounts and results, accounting data, strategic reports, business plans, payroll, CVS… any type of document that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands.

Collection of confidential documentation After confirmation, we will help you collect the confidential documentation.

According to the frequency, :

. Recurring: you may have to get rid of confidential content regularly? Llorens|dc sets a custom service, depending on the volume and type of material, with a frequency that suits you, responding promptly to carry out the collection.

. Punctual:Would you prefer to notify us when you have accumulated enough material? No problem. Give us a call and we’ll arrange to meet at a time that suits you. Destruction of confidential documents

In the case of the destruction of paper-based documentation, the DIN 32757-rule: 1995-01 establishes that the documents can be treated at different levels according to their degree of confidentiality.

We offer two methods of destruction:

. Standard Protocol: guarantees the physical destruction of the documentation in general.

. Confidential Protocol: There is the Confidential Information Protocol, an option for documents with restricted information. These documents are crumbled in pieces of 30 mm (P3) and later mingled with material of the same type to increase the level of security.