Choose people you trust for the destruction of information and confidential stock. Llorens|dc has drivers, operators and technicians with training and preparation required to ensure the maximum safety conditions. Our team has been formed within the rules and apply the protocols established by our company with the utmost rigor.

Servicio de destrucción confidencial

It requires maximum guarantees:


Llorens|dc operates with protocols and technologies that guarantee the maximum security when it comes to get rid of your data, avoiding the misuse of information.

More space
Get rid of documentation and the remaining stock on a regular basis enables to gain storage space in your facility.

Law enforcement
Avoid any type of sanction with a strict enforcement of laws, not only for what regards the data protection act if not also by what regards environmental regulations.

Rather than comply with the law, we guarantee that if you choose our service you are taking a decision in favour of sustainability through recycling.

Volume and adaptability
Great Llorens|gmr infrastructure allows to operate with large amounts of materials. Equally, the company has a logistics system and flexible enough work to take on small orders.

We tailor our service to the needs of the client, both for what it does to the collection, at the rate of destruction of the document I excess stock, warranties, etc.

Llorens|dc is part of Llorens|gmr, a company in the sector of recycling that operates with large volumes of materials. This allows us to offer more competitive prices.
Along with our standard service, if it desesa, you can count on extra guarantees.

Llorens|dc offers you a service you like to garantin minimal discomfort, making it possible that, practically, forget the removal of confidential data and materials generated by your company.